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The offering of the City Key by a Towns Official had throughout the centuries various significance, meaning or purposes.

Historical European recordings point strong to such practice in the 30 year war during the 15th Century in which the passing of the City Keys signified surrender, request of consideration, indulgence, pity sparing from destruction etc. In time however the gesture of the passing of the City Key has been modified to a more positive action. Today it is underlined by and based on the thought: “Welcome, my City is your City!” With other words; a gesture of friendship, respect and official welcome of the highest honor.

When selecting his exclusive and unique as well as prestigious gift for your prominent visitor, public figure, or other deserving individual, invite them to “Be Welcome” with the presentation of the key to the city!

Let us design the key to your City, customized with your city seal, name, or insignia.

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